Wild World ~ Nature Photography

Hello everyone, today I am sharing with you a new photography post. These works are recent, mainly from today’s adventure, featuring the beauties of nature. No worries, you will still get more of our Oregon trip! I try to spread things out reasonably for everyone. Also, my apologies for the lack of Friday’s post, I got a bit held up on things. Do enjoy the gifts of nature:



This shot is actually from today, taken in the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. I absolutely love dragonflies, so this was an exciting shot. From the blazing red body to beautiful wings, it is a lovely creature. Although difficult to catch! I spent quite a while slowly stalking various dragonflies until I got this shot.




Another gift of nature I really love are leaves. These were small, light, fuzzy, and even managed to catch a few dewdrops from earlier. A stunning beauty I was glad to find, although unfortunately, I believe I got distracted and made the dewdrops fly afterward.




I was about to stand up after taking pictures of honeysuckles when my little sister – either Juliet or Abby – shouted that there was a bug on my foot. I am so glad to have not squashed it! This beautiful moth was on the bottom of my shoe as I was sitting, casually taking in the scenery. After many shots, I was quite happy to get a great one of his eyes!




Simplistic in form yet so powerful in reproduction that you find these all over the world. Isn’t the dandelion a brilliant plant of nature?




A lovely honeysuckle – one of my all time favorite flowers! The scent is pure perfection and relaxing to be around.




When visiting a different park in town I became surrounded by birds of all different varieties. A good 30-40 crows lined the powerline in front of me, another 3 or 4 a few feet away on the right. Also on the right was this beauty, a yellow bird, and a reddish-brown bird, all pictured below. They stayed the entire time I was there! If anyone knows what kind they are, that would be lovely to know.




Here is the other bird I mentioned above. No kidding, I had a good 4 or so variety of birds around me! Isn’t this one simply beautiful? Short beak, brilliant red feathers, and streaks of dark brown.




Here I was experimenting with an abstract form of photography. Color isolated, a drawn-back view, and perfection in this simple lone leaf.




Here is the other species of bird that stayed with me at the park. This one I actually thought was a pet bird, but I could be wrong. Regardless, I love its playfulness, beautiful colors, and its childlike personality to the other birds.




My final and personally most spectacular piece of the evening – a brilliant little chipmunk. I took this today, also at Turnbull. After many failed attempts at stalking the chipmunks, I finally got a great shot. I especially love this one for its small little paw (as it was pawing the branch) and alert yet seemingly dazed personality. How is that so? Well, between the “alert” ears yet the wandering eyes, it really presents such an idea in my mind.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed today’s collection of wildlife works!


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